DevOps Engineer

Posted 10 weeks ago

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Setting up and maintaining CI/CD Pipelines
  • Setting up and maintaining Cloud infrastructure
  • Managing all Infrastructure changes via IaC (i.e., Terraform or Cloudformation)
  • Setting up and maintaining proper Monitoring and Logging of Cloud resources
  • Debugging Cloud specific issues and solving them
  • Architecture Design for specific modules/applications
  • Making optimum infrastructural choices by understanding specific needs of
  • Ensure all Cloud Best-Practices are followed pertaining to security, performance, scalability and cost
  • Documenting all Infrastructural choices
  • Estimating and adhering to Cloud Costs and Infrastructural choices
  • Work closely with project managers and tech leads for the implementation of the proposed architecture during system development phase.

Required Skills:

  • Extensive experience working with Docker, Docker-Compose
    - Should have knowledge of why docker is used
    - Should have knowledge about pitfalls of dockerizing a project
  • Experience working with Orchestration engines like Kubernetes
  • Understanding of Microservice architecture and its deployment
  • Experience Working with CI/CD tools like Azure DevOps Pipelines, GitHub Actions, Jenkins etc.
  • Extensive experience with at least one cloud provider from amongst AWS, Azure, Google
  • Cloud (preferably having extensive experience with 1 and some experience with the others).
  • Firm grasp of different types of resources provided by cloud vendors and when and where to use them, for instance,
    - When and when not to use burstable instances
    - When to use SSDs and when to use HDDs
  • Experience working with Source Control Technologies like GIT.
  • Experience working with scripting languages like shell, PowerShell, python.
  • Experience working with Web-Servers like Apache, NginX, IIS or similar
  • Basic knowledge of build artifacts for at least 1 front-end technology (e.g. Angular/React)
  • Basic knowledge of build artifacts for at least 1 back-end technology (e.g. .NET Core)
  • Firm grasp of Fundamental networking concepts including port-forwarding, reverse-proxy, Private and Public sub-netting
  • Experience working with Monitoring tools like Prometheus, Grafana or similar
  • Experience working with Logging tools like ELK stack or similar
  • Experience working with Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform, AWS Cloudformation or similar
  • Experience working with automation/configuration management tools like Ansible or similar
    Firm grasp of fundamentals of Security in:
    - Cloud Infrastructure
    - Network Setup
    - Cloud Account Administration
    - Application deployment
    - Secrets Management
  • Strong Communication skills to be able to communicate freely with both internal and external teams / clients
  • Strong grasp over the English language to be able to express yourself optimally in written as well as spoken communication

Nice to Have:

  • Certification from any Cloud provider (e.g. AWS, Azure or Google Cloud)
  • Some experience in Application Development

Job Summary

Vadodara, Pune Location
Full Time Job type
3+ years Experience
1 Openings


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Vadodara, Gujarat
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